Castro NYC believes when it comes to materials, there are no rules to follow to manifest dreams into reality... only creativity. There unique and exquisite work has positioned them as one of the top Jewelry Brands in the world. Taking fantasy and shamanistic dreams and twisting them into epic stories. Each piece is meticulously hand made in NYC with precious and unusual materials such as, leather, diamonds, silver, gold, bone, etc.... 


Castro is a Jewelry Artist who draws outside the lines, breaking the rules and creating new boundaries.  The first step of Castro in the Fashion World was designing prêt-à-porter for woman, soon after he reinvented himself and decided to create jewelry.  Paris 2008 was his first notable success in the jewelry design, where he collaborated with Nabohuko Sato who is the designer of the prestigious Japanese label "If Six Was Mine".  He also collaborated with Brandon Sun, Asger Juel Larson and David Anderson.


His pieces have graced the covers of Vogue Latin America, Vogue Mexico, Marie Claire and As If Magazine , among a few.   Also his creations were published in a beautiful book, "ROCK STAR CHIC, TV shows and in the movie “Out of the Furnace”.

Castro NYC is an exclusive label that caters to an artistic clientele that include Steven Tyler, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Bibbons.....among others.

Contact informations


(419) 944-9032



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